One Summer

One Summer

One Summer by Richard Jurgens

One Summer by Richard Jurgens tells the story of a passionate amour fou set in a trendy, cynical milieu in expatriate Europe. It is also an intimate portrait of a brilliant and mercurial young woman with a fatal secret.

 “Exquisite poems. Poetry lovers would do well to order a copy! Om Kali Shakti Om.” – Eddie Woods, The Gangster Poet.

“Stunning poems… Really. Very vivid. And witty.” – Pip Farquarson, Underwater Amsterdam.

“The off-beat meandering manner is very infectious… [One Summer] is enjoyable because it is constantly presenting us with surprises which keep our attention right to the end. It is certainly worth checking out.” – Richard Livermore, Ol’ Chanty Magazine.

“Been reading One Summer with great joy, frequent recognition, sustained admiration. I’m quite startled to find poetry I understand, let alone identify to. You presage a global revolution: it is possible after all that there will one day be more poetry readers than there are poets!” – Denis Beckett, author, presenter of Beckett’s Trek.

Jurgens completed The Cyprus Accord, which continues the story, in 2012.

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