Inside Out


Inside Out, a novel by Neil Oram

INSIDE OUT starts with the assassination in Paris of a top theoretical physics professor, and ends with an informed discussion of Liquid Alchemy.

But this novel would never have seen the light of day if a nymphomaniac hadn’t burst in upon the secluded life of a rich recluse. If you want your mind turned inside out read this book. This spiritual mystery adventure story takes the reader on a quest for higher consciousness, from perceived reality to the centre of the soul and then back again.

Neil Oram is a British poet, painter and playwright. He is best known as the author of The Warp, of which Michael Coveney in the Financial Times wrote; “The world may soon divide between those who have gone through THE WARP and those who haven’t.”

Peer Reviews:

“The mind gets turned inside out indeed.” Heathcote Williams

“You are right to publish your work, it will find its way to those whose hearts it will uplift …” Katheline Raine, poet, critic and scholar.

“His language has a tightness and exactness so that every word counts.” Lee Harwood, poet.

“I’ve dipped, dived, relished the freedoms you assert. Your fine epic will survive, as it has, outside the rush of quotidian time.” Iain Sinclair, author and filmmaker, commenting on ‘Yes to the Fresh’ by Neil Oram.

“This ‘Inside Out’ of yours is a fantastic page-turner! Yeah, fresh and fantastic!” Ken Campbell, theatre director, on reading an early draft.

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Also by Neil Oram: The Friends of Deception – available as an Barncott Press ebook. More work by the author, including poetry and paintings and other writings, can be seen on his website:

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