Unwritten Stories (in production)

Unwritten Stories, lyrics by by Brandy Row

Coming Soon:

Unwritten Stories, song lyrics by Brandy Row

Brandy Row is a London based but internationally traveled singer, song writer, film maker and band leader.

His music ranges in style from intense ‘Urban Folk’ sole acoustic performances, to ’21st Century punk’ (The Gaggers) and ‘big band’ ensambles featuring 10 or more other musicians.

He writes all his own lyrics and much of his music is lyrically based.  A collection of his lyrics is to be published soon along with photographs and other information.

Estimated date of publication: October 2017.

The Brandy Row website features much of his work.

Below is an ‘in production’ sample of ‘Unwritten Stories’ lyrics by Brandy Row.

This page and the sample above will be updated as production proceeds.


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