Marseille – New and Selected Poems by Rosemary Manno

In her debut major collection the poems of Rosemary Manno offer disquieting and sometimes humorous images in the spectrum of existence great and small.

Manno surveys subjects both ethereal and quotidian… angels, the animal realm, sacred sites… charged with the telegraphic logic of dreams.

Whether an elegy for poet friends or exploring unsparing self-examination and divine longing, these poems engage the reader with an urgent honesty and power.

Peer reviews:

“Marseille... from under the tongue where all the blood is coursing…” beauty, image, irony, as good as bread. – Jeffrey Grossman

Words as perfect as the colors of the skies she paints and I am there at the place. I can feel it, almost hear the fountain. – Nicole Savage

Rosemary Manno writes from the absolute dignity and beauty of the human moment, within the cosmic one in its revolutionary instance. She remembers and she attends, with great affection for every being. Her poems are a pleasure and a revelation. – Sarah Menefee

A clear voice with its own cadence and vison, universal, humanistic, passionate and sensual. – Alejandro Murgia

Poetry forces its reader to think and think deeply. To this end Rosemary Manno’s work inspires us to examine, explore the buzzing electrical impulses buried beneath our daily lives. – Robert Carlson

Rosemary Manno’s voice is wise and unflinching. Her poems glint and nourish. Generously sharing her many worlds, Rosemary’s poetry inspires my gratitude. – Annie Finch

These poems have a visionary quality, an almost metaphysical aspect of looking at the “ordinary” in our everyday life. A subtle song of what we value most, that of love and compassion … “Everyone I love is in bed with me at night who could defect after such heights.” – Agneta Falk

Manno’s poetry is a pleasure to experience. Her insightful lyricism delves deep into rich veins of feeling. She reminds all readers of the poet as maker and namer of things. Her heart is on the page waiting. – Neeli Cherkovski

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