Mother Kali's Daughters by W.Q. Foxx book coverMother Kali’s Daughters by W.Q. Foxx

Mother Kali’s Daughters, by W.Q Foxx is a psychedelic trip into the heart of India. The occult, astrologers, mystics and magicians all wield their power in a love story that takes the readers up the Ganges River from West Bengal to its source; a giant glacier in the shape of a cow’s head, located high in the Himalayas. The purpose of the journey is to return a powerful crystal to its crown on a mountain peak above the glacier.

Two witches have been employed by Lord God Shiva to accomplish this task. And they materialize on this plane of existence as a couple of young hippy goddesses. Using a magic, psychedelic oil, they recruit an unsuspecting subject, and after ingesting the oil he enters another dimension, to find himself in a story of love and separation. Fate pushes him along, so that he comes into contact with the goddess who possesses the crystal. After many adventures with Aghoris, Hijras, snake charmers, yogis and tantric madmen they complete their mission.

Yet the mystical tale doesn’t end there, because disobeying the witch’s instruction forces the story to return to the present dimension. The book is woven together with Hindu metaphysical philosophy and brings up many questions concerning one’s own perceptions of reality. Still, everything is tempered with an acute sense of humor and may cause the reader to have happy hallucinations. Do not read while driving, or operating heavy machinery.

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