October 22


October 22, poems by Win Harms.

After escaping from a locked psych ward, Win Harms discovered that playing Lolita was not all it was cracked up to be. She found herself on a junkie’s floor with the police trying to get in, guns drawn. Yet Win began writing even before her abrupt emergence from the innocence of childhood. The poems in this collection describe in excruciatingly beautiful detail all the emotions of that life-altering experience. Equally important, they speak directly to the heart and soul of everyman. Which makes them incredibly unique. Since while on the one hand personal and private, they are further saying, ‘We’re all in this together.’ This being life. And yes, virgins too are welcome to take a peek. With any luck, it may help to prepare them for the arduous path to freedom. A path that is never-ending. Until death do us all part, or not. Read Win Harms at your peril. Why peril? Because you may never again be the same person you think you are now.

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