The Friends of Deception

The Friends of Deception by Neil Oram

The Friends of Deception, a play by Neil Oram

Based on a true story ‘The Friends of Deception’ is the full script of a newly released play by Neil Oram featuring the eccentric Indian guru Babaji, who preached anti non-violence, beat up his male and female devotees, was believed to be ‘god’ and immortal by his many followers… but then died, supposedly by stopping his own heart using only the power of his mind.

Babaji was also supposedly a celibate Guru… but this true story features herpes, plus a devotee who is also an up market New York ‘sex worker’ and fears she has given herpes to ‘god’.

There are a host of other revelations and intrigues surrounding the immortal Guru’s death, all worthy of the best ever soap opera, but one with a transcendental twist, set mainly at Babaji’s Ashram in HERAKHAN, India, then continuing in London and reaching an intriguing conclusion in the Highlands of Scotland.

Funny, mystical and inspirational, this script is crying out to be performed, and it will be, but for the present it makes for an amusing and mind expanding read.

Written by the author of The Warp, the marathon play lasting 22 hours, which achieved cult status in the 1980’s directed by Ken Campbell, this new work is a lot shorter, but should not disappoint an inquiring mind, and it may make you want to laugh all the way to ‘heaven’.

* Price (£4.00 / $6.00) varies according to location & rate of the dollar.


Also by Neil Oram, his novel Inside Out – available in print and ebook editions. More work by the author, including poetry and paintings and other writings, can be seen on his website:

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